Courses and Programs

The beauty of the ocean is easy to see but to feel it you have to dive in… - Marc 'Potts' Potter

At SunSalute we teach yoga with no fluff.

Inspire yourself, get bendy and really strong by starting with the Delux Beginners program. If you’re not a beginner then head straight to the Talk Thru or Mysore.

For busy Mums and active people we suggest the 9.30am Vinyasa class. You will flatten your tummy and tone those arms.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed class, or seeking a deep stretch, the Yin or YinYang is for you.

SunSalute is your school for relevant teachings in today’s modern world.

Meditation is a part of all of our classes as well as a physical experience according to the class style selected.

Yours in Yoga
Marc Potter