SunSalute Founder, Marc Potter, was introduced to the humble practice of meditation when is was only 18 years of age. From this time, he has had an interest in the mind and leading a peaceful life. It was in his early thirties he forego his regular job as a cameraman with Channel 9 and all the ease of a regular paycheck to take up yoga teaching full-time. This was a time of completely letting go of financial gain for a time of service. He devoted himself to self-practice 6 days a week and teaching students yoga the best he could. Potts has been teaching and practicing daily since 1994.

In 2005 he decided to open his own school in Swanbourne, a beach-side suburb in the state of WA. His studio is small and boutique. The focus upon building a school where the adoption of yogic principals becomes an embedded way of life for teachers and students.  As a result SunSalute attracts Teachers who truly live the yogi lifestyle and who have had a daily practice of at least 7 years. It makes it harder to find staff but gives an authentic yoga experience to SunSalute students.


Over the past 5 years there has been a proliferation of yoga schools and yoga is assigned to all sorts of classes that traditionally would never have met the bill. Whilst the classes and timetable have evolved over time at SunSalute the essence of these has been retained. Look within. Calm your mind. Be steady. Breathe.

At SunSalute you can expect to find a yoga class where the focus is still, inward reflection and the practice of asana is a means to steadying the mind and leading towards a more peaceful life. The external distractions diminished so a quiet environment can enable a better opportunity to develop self-awareness and meditation. This approach tends towards classes where a tremendously nourishing energy is generated.  And of course, a wonderful physical experience as our Teachers guide you through an asana class that is either restful or invigorating according to the style chosen by you.

A peaceful, successful life is the goal.


Staying True to Yoga

Yoga originated from India around 5000 years ago and it is based on allowing its practitioners to attain a sense of physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.

There are many schools all around Australia which teach yoga. Sun Salute Yoga has kept to the traditional teachings.  The true essence of yoga does not change, even after thousands of years.  It is important to learn yoga where this is understood.