Asana-preparing you for meditation

Many students start the yoga journey with the practice of asana (posture).  This may be through a teacher guided class with vocal instruction or in a Mysore style setting where you practice from memory and in silence.

What-is-Chakra-Meditation1Asana is a key step to preparing oneself for meditation.  How can one sit in meditation if one’s body is so stiff they cannot sit comfotabnly?  How can one learn to sit in meditation if they cannot even breathe and keep the mind steady and concentrated on asana for even 30 minutes?  Many of us need a preparatory step…some do not.

If you practice asana, and not much sitting meditation SunSalute is hosting a workshop with Dr McCartney from the Australian National University in October to teach Chakra Sadhana Meditation. Patrick has lived and breathed Sanskrit study undertaking his PhD in India. It could be the perfect opportunity for you to dip your toe into the ocean of meditation.

Go on – step out of the comfort Zone and sit a little chakra meditation!

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