Teacher Profile – Haylee

Haylee is our resident Early Morning Beginners Teacher. She is the best.  Let's learn a little about her.

Q:Your favourite food?
A: have an addiction to green smoothies for breakfast they give me loads of energy after my practice to continue my day.

Q: What attracted you to yoga?
A: I became very curious about yoga when I went to my first class and found it very challenging mentally 
and physically.I have always played alot of sport and been very athletic so it was the first time 
I actually felt why can’t I do this???

Q: What keeps you going back to the mat, day after day, year after year.
A: My personal practice has bought alot of clarity and awareness into my life. I am more present in 
life in general,which has made my relationship with myself and others alot healthier and happier. 
Yoga is my safe place when I feel a little like I’m in a sea of chaos my mat makes me feel calm.
Q: What challenges have presented themselves on the yoga journey?
A:The most challenging situation for me through my yoga journey was really having to 
look at my own behaviour and reactions to situations and people. I found teaching confronting too in the early days.
Q:How would you describe a yogi?
A:A yogi is someone who wakes up each day feeling grateful and 
content and practices all eight limbs of yoga.
Asana has always been the easiest for me the other 
seven limbs I am working on constantly in everyday life.

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So Many Gifts – Gratitude

So Many Gifts by Hafiz

“Please forgive Hafiz and the Friend

if we break into sweet laughter 

when your heart complains of being thirsty

when ages ago

every cell in your soul 

capsized forever

into this infinite golden sea.”

Life for many of us, is packed with jobs, lists, commitments and never ending path of have-to and finish-off jobs.  It creates a whirlwind, a feeling of not being able to keep up, of it never ending, of it all being too much.

With this, comes losing sight of miracles.  Losing sight of the miracle you are yourself, the miracle we have even been given minds and bodies, souls to experience life with from the Divine.  We might even lose fact that we actually choose how we exist.

If you are a busy person, it can be VERY difficult to be comfortable with a mindset of “not busy”, a tone of restfulness and contentment permeating through all facets of your life.  This is where yoga can step in.

Let your practice be an appreciation of you, your body, your mind, your divine spirit and soul.  Celebrate that you have the awareness of self to take yourself to yoga.   Every class, be grateful for at least one gift you have been given today.  Be grateful for at least one gift that is constant in your life, the love of a significant other or your children or perhaps the ability simple to breathe and walk on your own.

Gratitude and kindness. Such underrated, undervalued traits and yet to my mind, the most important traits of a “yogic”person you can find.  It is when these traits, that occur without thought and not through duty or obligation but as a natural way of an individual, that we start to see the development of higher levels of spirituality.  It is a “sign” that this human being is on the spiritual path, living in a yogic, peaceful way.  Acknowledge and take inspiration from them. You need more of this. The world needs all of us to be more like this.

delicious yoga eats

Sent the first edition of our new Yogi Eats E-Book to all of our new members in November today.  We’re certainly not moving into the diet game but figure sometimes its nice to get a little inspiration.  What better time than when you’ve made a commitment to yourself to practice yoga at least twice week.


Christmas Timetable 2016/17


Mysore Classes are continuing on as normal over the Christmas and New Year period.  Please remember, as usual, no classes on Public Holidays. All 9.30am and Evening students are welcome to attend this timeslot whilst the regular timetable is interrupted.

9.30am Classes are on hold from Friday 23rd December and resume 8.30am, Monday 9th Jan.

Evening Classes are on hold from Weds, 14 Dec and resume Monday, 9th Jan.

Saturday morning classes conclude Saturday 17th Dec and resume at 8am on 14th Jan.  This new time will be applicable during the summer months.  It will return to the 9am timeslot at the start of April.

Have a wonderful Christmas Everyone.


NAME:  Milton

three words to sum up my yoga journey:  discovery, connection, living

yoga helps me with:  letting go and accepting

my least favourite posture is: side crow

if I could change something in the world it would be: the realisation by all, that everything is connected. Love and peace bind the connection and these in turn make the conection.

anything else you would like to say:  yoga helpmilton-schmedje-2016-cropped me simplify what is reality and thus important.

Early Morning Yoga for Beginners

sunset shotThe serious seeker who wants to know about yoga needs to start their journey with something a little stronger than a Latte.  SunSalute has been teaching the Early Morning Beginner Course for over 10 years now and it still proves itself as the ultimate introduction to yoga.  It lays the foundations, teaches technique and streamlines you towards better strength, flexibility and inner peace.

We NEVER find a regretful student.  In actual fact, we find they continue the journey as they’ve experienced the benefits.
So book your place, and join seven other souls on a 4 week yoga treat.

Kids literature is where I found my yoga today

wonder_cover_artMuch to my delight my 9 year old has become a voracious reader.  The consequence;  I am now consuming a vast amount of children’s literature as I search for new and exciting novels to encourage the trend while it is here.  I am now the indulged and satisfied reader of the entire Harry Potter series ( a lot of very late nights and much devastation and betrayal as I wept over the demise of Dumbledore), I totally absolutely LOVED the Harry Potter world. I have traveled the world with Rangers Apprentice and Brotherband series – I think a kids version of Wilbur Smith and an Australian author as well – yahoo.

Over the last two nights I have read a novel that goes by the title of Wonder by R. J Palacio.  As with all incredibly well written stories, I laughed out loud and reached for the tissues. It was very moving and told a story of courage and friendship of many young people.  There was a lot of yoga going on with the yama’s and niyama’s being tested and played out in full force as  a young boy with severe facial deformities steps into the world of middle school.  It reminded me of the importance of respect and self-respect, of honesty, of being brave and speaking my own truth so others can speak theirs.  It reminded be to be kind and considerate, to think of others and to reach out when confronted. To smile.  To be kind.  To be kinder than necessary.

Asana-preparing you for meditation

Many students start the yoga journey with the practice of asana (posture).  This may be through a teacher guided class with vocal instruction or in a Mysore style setting where you practice from memory and in silence.

What-is-Chakra-Meditation1Asana is a key step to preparing oneself for meditation.  How can one sit in meditation if one’s body is so stiff they cannot sit comfotabnly?  How can one learn to sit in meditation if they cannot even breathe and keep the mind steady and concentrated on asana for even 30 minutes?  Many of us need a preparatory step…some do not.

If you practice asana, and not much sitting meditation SunSalute is hosting a workshop with Dr McCartney from the Australian National University in October to teach Chakra Sadhana Meditation. Patrick has lived and breathed Sanskrit study undertaking his PhD in India. It could be the perfect opportunity for you to dip your toe into the ocean of meditation.

Go on – step out of the comfort Zone and sit a little chakra meditation!

Santina 2016

Mysore  Sunday 30th October to Friday 4th November 2016.

welding image

It’s definitely time to crank up the 5-6 days practice if you’ve been inclined for a sleep-in over the coldest Perth winter we’ve experience in 20 years!


Santina arrives in Perth, fresh from her overseas study and teaching tour the end of October.  One small (but huge impact) part of this was a month long study with Richard Freeman as well as climbing mountains in South America.


If you have been following her on Instagram @santinagiardinachard you will have noticed its been a massive trip.


I’m nervous.  She writes to you today “Prepare.  I am ready to work the cohort with new understandings and awareness”.

Now we all know when Santina means work.  She’s not mucking around!  WORK!   We love it.

Email us for early bird discount

Chakra Sadhana Meditation with Patrick McCartney

Last year, our Senior Teacher Sara travelled to Canberra for a Yoga workshop and met a very interesting fellow.  It turns out he actually is an interesting fellow who is pretty into yoga.  We’re quietly excited that he has managed to squeeze some time into his busy schedule to spend a couple of days teaching here in Perth at SunSalute.

As most of you know, at SunSalute we really like to encourage an experience of yoga beyond the perfect handstand.  We know that asana is critical for most people to start the foundation of yoga upon, it makes us strong and ready for other stages along the Yoga Journey.  We all love the fun and freedom of a discimplined yoga practice.  However, every now and again we come across someone who is very well placed to teach you more, take you a step a little deeper into the ocean of yoga. Patrick is the guy to introduce you to Sanskrit and Chakra Meditation.  He has lived and breathed this stuff (heavens knows anyone who has written a PhD lives and breathes it for years on end!) and has even managed to maintain his sense of humour too – he sends his messages from his left foot!

So, if you want to know that Chakra Sadhana isn’t actually an exotic Indian dish and that Meditation isn’t only for the rich and famous come and join Patrick on the 15th & 16th October.  If you love Sara or have been to her classes, you know we can absolutely trust her recommendation!

Check out here for more detail on his workshop at SunSalute on the 15th & 16th October, 2016.  Yes, we even have an Early Bird Discount.

patrick mccartney

A side note:
It seems as if Patrick will also be giving a lecture at UW on the Friday before. This will be about the politics of imagination and the sociology of spirituality. He will explore the intersection of transglobal yoga and religious nationalism through a utopian lens. This presentation is predicated by the ‘Vedic way of life’ so that we can better understand how identities, practices and meanings accrete around this floating signifier, i.e. ‘Vedic’.