Chakra Sadhana Meditation Workshop

  • Dr Patrick McCartney
  • 15th & 16th October, 2016
  • Saturday 11am – 3pm
  • Sunday 9am – 1pm

A mālā is a garland. The aka-mālā represents a ‘garland of sounds’, which, in this case, consists of the entire Sanskrit alphabet. According to Tantric texts like the Kubjikāmatatantra, Netratantra and Kulārṇavatantra, which were composed between the 9th and 16th centuries of the current era, each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet (of which there are approximately 50) is to be visualised in one of the petals around the six main cakras running up the spine. This beautiful Tantric cakra meditation is known as at-cakra-bheda or ‘piercing the six cakras’. Practitioners are able to inscribe within themselves using sound and visualisation a living, coherent image of the devī (the divine feminine archetype).

Are you a yoga practitioner or yoga teacher interested in learning a little bit more about the Sanskrit language beyond the names of āsanas (postures) but don’t know where to start? This 1- or 2-day workshop builds upon the ancient Tantric practice of nyāsa (placing one’s attention). It is nyāsa that inspired the development of the modern practice of yoga-nidrā.

It is the perfect environment to develop a new dimension to your yoga journey beyond a postural focus. The workshop includes: postural yoga, meditation, visualisation, chanting, drawing, and lots of fun.

Aims of Workshop

Day 1

  • Teach you a cakra meditation practice and learn more about the metaphysics of cakras and their relationship to yoga.
  • Facilitate an introductory glimpse into the Sanskrit language by learning the Sanskrit alphabet and the devanāgarī script

Day 2

  • Inspire you towards learning more about the Sanskrit language and provide information and opportunities to achieve your Sanskrit-learning goals.


The only prerequisite to attend this engaging 1 or 2-day workshop is the possession of a sincere desire to learn and to have fun. If you are a completely new to yoga, a seasoned yoga teacher, or somewhere in between, you will still learn a lot from it.


Saturday 11am – 3pm
Sunday 9am – 1pm

11:00-11:30 am
postural yoga

11:30-12:00 pm
meditation – atcakrabheda – piercing the six cakras

12:00-12:30 pm
overview of 6-cakra system

12:30-01:00 pm
ājñāviśuddhi and anāhata

01:00-01:30 pm

01:30-02:00 pm

02:00-02:30 pm
review of 6-cakra system

02:30-03:00 pm

The main difference is that during Day 2 we focus on learning the devanāgarī script while also going into more depth about the philosophy of yoga and the metaphysics of the chakra system.


 $130 1-day or $240 2-days

Early-bird Opportunity Closes 30th Sept: $110 or $200


Please send us an email to secure your place and we will be in touch regarding payment.


Chakra Meditation Workshop with Dr Patrick McCartneyDr Patrick McCartney has several degrees in linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, music, and yoga. Patrick has been teaching various styles of yoga and meditation since 1998. He brings together his own personal experience and passion for yoga and meditation with his academic training in various disciplines to provide a distilled learning experience, which is built upon several years of studying, working, and travelling in India. When not making documentary films like Episode 1: Imagining Sanskrit Land or writing about the transglobal yoga industry and its relationship to religious nationalism, cultural heritage, and endangered languages; Patrick can be found blowing bubbles from the bottom of the ocean with his fishy friends or rolling up and down hills on one of his many bicycles. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter and Facebook.