Chakra Sadhana Meditation with Patrick McCartney

Last year, our Senior Teacher Sara travelled to Canberra for a Yoga workshop and met a very interesting fellow.  It turns out he actually is an interesting fellow who is pretty into yoga.  We’re quietly excited that he has managed to squeeze some time into his busy schedule to spend a couple of days teaching here in Perth at SunSalute.

As most of you know, at SunSalute we really like to encourage an experience of yoga beyond the perfect handstand.  We know that asana is critical for most people to start the foundation of yoga upon, it makes us strong and ready for other stages along the Yoga Journey.  We all love the fun and freedom of a discimplined yoga practice.  However, every now and again we come across someone who is very well placed to teach you more, take you a step a little deeper into the ocean of yoga. Patrick is the guy to introduce you to Sanskrit and Chakra Meditation.  He has lived and breathed this stuff (heavens knows anyone who has written a PhD lives and breathes it for years on end!) and has even managed to maintain his sense of humour too – he sends his messages from his left foot!

So, if you want to know that Chakra Sadhana isn’t actually an exotic Indian dish and that Meditation isn’t only for the rich and famous come and join Patrick on the 15th & 16th October.  If you love Sara or have been to her classes, you know we can absolutely trust her recommendation!

Check out here for more detail on his workshop at SunSalute on the 15th & 16th October, 2016.  Yes, we even have an Early Bird Discount.

patrick mccartney

A side note:
It seems as if Patrick will also be giving a lecture at UW on the Friday before. This will be about the politics of imagination and the sociology of spirituality. He will explore the intersection of transglobal yoga and religious nationalism through a utopian lens. This presentation is predicated by the ‘Vedic way of life’ so that we can better understand how identities, practices and meanings accrete around this floating signifier, i.e. ‘Vedic’.


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