The Link Between Asana and Spirituality

As I lay, completely blissed out in a Yin pose for 8 minutes, I took a moment to laugh at myself.  I am now 40, have 3 children 3 years apart of whom the eldest is 6 years.  My husband and I have two exhausting small businesses, a mortgage and, a marriage that needs us as well.  Life is rich, challenging, rewarding, simple, complicated and ever changing.

I started my asana practice with Ashtanga around 12 years ago.  At this time I had a high paying job, amazing friends, happily worked long hours and enjoyed life. Being a no nonsense girl who loves adventure, the Ashtanga model was instantly appealing to me.  Within a few months I had well transformed into a dedicated early morning practitioner. NEVER missing a class and shamefully judging  anyone who didn’t adhere to the 6 day rules.  As I listened to women with children or older women who commented on how difficult it was to get to class, or how the body just isn’t the same as you age, the internal voice in my head would say, “yep – well you’re just not dedicated and don’t get it. If you were really serious about this stuff you would be here.  I am far more yogi than you.”

How wrong, naive and ignorant I was!!!!!  My ego was ruling rampantly.

Now I think differently.

Now I know, sometimes softness is absolutely what is needed to nourish the yogi in me.  There is no link between asana ability and spiritual insight.

The Yogi in me is not my asana.

That said, I truly love my time on the mat.  Cherish those minutes I am there and give thanks to the Divine for blessing me with a body that can explore my existence through this tool.

Love my asana.  Love my yoga at SunSalute.



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