• Gateway to Yogawith Potts

    Our Gateway to Yoga program is second to none.  Join one of our 5 week courses to discover yoga in the hands of an experienced Teacher.

    Choose from Femme Balance, Stiff Fellas and Gateway.  Learn More Here.

    Along with your 5 Week Course, you'll also receive 20 FREE classes to experience all on the timetable.

    Gateway classes can only be attended as a course and not casually. Excludes 6am timeslot.

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  • Vinyasawith Sara, Sacha and Lynette

    Need an energetic, synchronistic flow to get your body intune with the natural rhythm of your life?

    Infuse your body with the gift of a magnificently crafted Vinyasa flow. Coordinate your breath and body in the flowing dance-like style of yoga.

    SunSalute Vinyasa classes are taught by Teachers with all a minimum of ten years teaching experience. Trust in the energetic, rhythmic flow of yoga postures that will challenge you through strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Bring it all together with a story of relaxation at the end.

    Graceful Vinyasa // 7pm Monday
    A chilled flow in the early evening of the night with Sara. Focusing of smooth flowing movements that glide and compliment each other to arrive at the end of the class ready to lie down and relax. A similar sequence is taught each week to encourage meditation in movement and proficiency in asana technique.

    Vinyasa - All Levels // 6pm Wednesday.   9.30am Weds and Friday
    A class class designed to challenge you physically and invigorate your energy levels. Each week finish with a magnificent relaxation at the end of the class.

    Intermediate - Advanced Vinyasa // 9.30am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
    A class with more complex sequencing and advanced options offered to those with yoga experience.

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$49 for 30 days of Unlimited Yoga

At SunSalute we’re serious about making real yoga affordable. You can’t beat our $49 Intro Offer for all new students. Over 30 days you have unlimited classes to attend. Experience a range of strong and soft, dynamic or restful yoga classes.. There’s definitely one that suits you perfectly.

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