Early Morning Beginners Yoga – Is it Worth the Effort?

If you’re not an early riser, the prospect of getting up at 5.30am to attend a 6am early morning beginners yoga class four mornings a week over four weeks is somewhat daunting, if not impossible to contemplate.  However, for those who are naturally early birds or keen to set a new early morning ritual other than their daily caffeine hi,t the chance of something fabulous is almost guaranteed.

An early morning program can help you in many ways.

In a nutshell, it basically gets the juices flowing. It simply enables the brain to work better and for longer throughout the day. Whether this means getting the children off to school more zen-like or keeping your zen factor and being super efficient at work, the change cannot be denied. And, if you can get more done in less time because you are thinking better, this means you now have extra time to do something fun for yourself.

Yoga is not typically associated with weight loss as a form of physical activity.  And nor should it be. However, with our early morning beginners yoga program we’re teaching you a style of yoga that is strong and dynamic. This means you will build strength and get flexible.  With such a great start to the day for your mind and body, with hardly any effort at all you will start to pay more attention to living more healthily and making better choices for yourself.  For example because you need to get up earlier you won’t choose to have a second glass of wine at night.  Living more cleanly nearly always leads to you feeling better about yourself too!

Once waking up at a set morning time such as 5.30am becomes a routine it no longer is difficult. Over the duration of the early morning beginners yoga program, believe it or not, waking actually becomes easy and a preferred way of living.  You sleep better, you wake better and feel better over the entire course of the day. Some studies have also shown that if you want to adopt yoga as a regular thing, most people who exercise regularly (more than 3 times a week) are those who exercise in the early morning.  We find that with our early morning beginners yoga program more students continue on with yoga for longer than those who come and learn in the evening.  There is something about the magic of an early morning yoga routine that encourages people to stick with it.

Most importantly, everyone enjoys the early morning beginners yoga intensive.  Seriously, all of our students love it.  They start tired and in 4 weeks time they feel renewed.  The early morning has become a time of enjoyment, spiritual connection and a welcome start to the day for them.

Sara, our most popular teacher, takes the early morning beginners program.  Take the step, the early morning truly is worth it and enrol today.


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