About Yoga

Is Yoga for everyone?

At SunSalute we make it possible for just about anyone to learn yoga. As long as you have enthusiasm we can teach you. If you can come across anyone who offers a better service than us we give you your money back.

How often should I practice Yoga?

The answer is easy. How often does the body need movement and the mind need relaxing everyday? Anyone who is in great shape will do some form of physical activity everyday. Anyone who is great mental shape will partake in activities that allow their mind to practice concentration everyday. Some traditions of yoga, such as Ashtanga recommend practicing yoga 5-6 days a week.  Any nearly all of our early morning students do this.  The reality though is for most people this isn’t possible.   We recommend coming at least twice a week, particularly if you are a Vinyasa student.  Yin and Yin Yang are classes that you can attend once a week but of course for best change more than once a week is needed.  It is human nature to try and take the easy way out. Take care of your body. Health is wealth. Do no yoga and things will stay the same.

Which package is best for me?

Start with our fantastic Intro Offer. This gives you unlimited yoga for 30 days, unless of course there is a specific course you want to sign up to that is especially appealing such as the Stiff Fellas (highly recommended for blokes).  Once you’ve signed up, try and make it to all of the different class types led by different teachers.  There is definitely diversity, every class has inherent intetrigty and each teacher offers something different.

After your 30 day Intro Offer or Course has concluded,we will speak to you about what you liked, how often you want to come and recommend the best package for you.  We highly recomend signing up for our AutoRenew Packages as these give you a few extra perks such as 15% off online clothing, and discounts on workshops we hold in the studio plus 1 guest pass per month.  You can also put them on hold for up to two months, one time per year.  It does just require a minimum 7 fortnight commitment to get you started.

Coming to Class

Are classes heated?

Our studio is only heated in the winter months when it is cold.  It’s not healthy or safe to overheat the body by practicing in a heated warm. It can lead to all sorts of health issues and results in dehydration and aging of the body prematurely.  Our classes will assist problems associated with stiffness through appropriate preparation of the body through specific sequencing of postures.

How do I make/cancel a reservation?

To make a reservation, please visit our website and book-in via MindBody.   Typically, you can just show up and be sure of a sport however some classes do get filled so pre-registration is always a good idea.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

We sell mats in the studio and online.  We also have community mats in the studio you can use free of charge.  Chances are you will want to buy your own mat at some stage.

Is there a place to shower, change and eat breakfast?

Yes, we have a bathroom you can get changed in on the premises.  We do not have showers. At the front of the studio is a fantastic cafe called “the other side” which we highly recommend and is well customised by our yoga students and teachers.


Is yoga complimentary to other physical pursuits?

Absolutely. If you want to go running, workout at the gym, hang-glide and do yoga thats all great.  We have a blend of students who only practice yoga, 5 days a week and then other students who come twice a week who have rigorous exercise regimes outside the studio, to those who combine yoga and a daily walk.  Choose something that works best for you and let it evolve from there.

I hurt my back several years ago. I have seen many health care professionals none of whom have been able to help me. Is it ok for me to learn yoga?

If you have been advised by your health professional (eg doctor/physio) not to learn yoga then it is best to heed this advice. If your spine is healthy enough to learn yoga, then know that many people with problematic backs do find a regular, technically correct and consistent practice of yoga gives them pain relief. But, once again, do not come to class if your health professional hasn’t given you the all clear.

What improvement can I expect to see in my body after a month of yoga 3 days week?

Your entire body will be more flexible and stronger. It will be longer, leaner, less tense and more supple. You will be more aware of your movement and move more easily. You will feel better about yourself and feel more confident. You will feel a greater appreciation for life and probably more positive about life in general. Need any of those? Of course you do, everyone does.

My friend does yoga. I’ve seen him do crazy stuff where he puts his foot behind his head and headstand. Will you make me do things like that in the first class I attend?

No, not at all. The poses you’re talking about are for very experienced practitioners only. In the beginning you learn safe things that are suitable for people with no experience. You will learn salute to sun, standing and sitting postures. If you want to learn the other stuff, we are happy to teach you when you are ready. Aside from all the other things yoga will do for you, it should also be fun and enjoyable. Doing poses you’re not ready for, or ones you don’t want to do is not fun or enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy your yoga, then find yourself a new teacher.


What about alcohol? 

I haven’t tried myself but I seriously doubt it! I would think your chances of success are highly unlikely. Most people find the more yoga they do the healthier they become.

Should I do yoga in the morning or at night?

In the early morning the day is quiet and the mind is more peaceful. This is the best time for yoga. For the rest of the day you can look back with a feeling of accomplishment on what you did. But in the big picture find a time of day that suits you and stick to it. If you can’t find time in the morning do it at the end of the day. Avoid making excuses, turn up to class regularly and you’ll be fine.

Is it best to eat before yoga?

Yoga is best done on an empty stomach as your body will feel lighter and you can move more easily. This is easier for morning students than evening students. Some people find they can eat something light an hour or so before they practice. If you eat a lot before class it is likely you will feel like throwing up once you start yoga. I don’t recommend this.

Is it a lot of money to spend on yoga if I come more than once a week?

No. Yoga at SunSalute is priced so you can come as often as you want. You get expertly trained teachers, learn in beautiful surroundings and are looked after the way you deserve to be. Not only that, you don’t even have to buy yourself a yoga mat (we will lend you one) and if you do, it will last for years and years. No need to buy expensive athletic shoes or outfits, just bring yourself along barefoot in comfortable clothes. An investment like this into your health and well-being is one of the best investments you will ever make. You are worth it.

New to Yoga Culture?

1. Please arrive approximately ten minutes prior to the start of class to sign in, get in the yoga room, and settled on your mat.
2. Shoes and phones are not allowed in the yoga room, but your smiles and willingness to learn are more than welcome! When you’re at SunSalute be 3. prepared to get present in your body and with those around you.
4. During the summer months, deorderant and clean yoga clothes are essential at every class.  It keeps everyone smiling!
5. Savasana is important and an essential part of the yoga practice. Please stay for this pose; it helps decrease your stress levels from day-to-day and relaxes the body. If you cannot stay for the entirety of class, please let the TEacherknow beforehand so they can help you leave quietly.

Googles most asked Yoga Questions

  1. Where did yoga originally come from? Yoga originated in India over 5000 years ago. However, some historians believe it is more than 10,000 years old.
  2. Yoga where are you? I am waiting for you in Swanbourne WA at a studio called SunSalute.
  3. Yoga where you hang from the ceiling? Well, I’m not too sure about the ceiling but there is a contempory style of yoga called AirYoga where you swing in Silk scarves.
  4. Yoga where you hang upside down? Hanging upside down is normally done by trapeze artists, not by yoga people.
  5. Yoga where you hold poses? In Ashtanga yoga you hold poses for 5 breaths and with Iyengar yoga you hold poses for 5 – 15 minutes.
  6. Where yoga meets dance? Yoga is not dancing. It is not yoga if it is meeting dance.
  7. Where yoga is born? Yoga was born in India.
  8. Where yoga began? Yoga began in India between 5000-10,000 years ago.
  9. Where did yoga originate? Yoga originated in India.
  10. Where did yoga come from? Yoga came from the enlightened yoga masters thousands of years ago.
  11. Where did yoga came from? Yoga came from enlightened masters thousands of years ago.


  1. Which yoga wheel to buy? We suggest buying a wheel from Santina Giardina-Chard.
  2. Which yoga style is right for me? Visit sunsalute yoga school in Swanbourne WA to learn what yoga is best for you.
  3. Which yoga burns the most calories? Yoga is not good for burning calories. Probably Ashtanga
  4. Which yoga is best for me? The best yoga mat for you is one that is grippy.
  5. Which yoga is best for beginners? It is more finding a very good teacher. Each person like a different style of yoga depending on their temperament and physical condition.
  6. Which yoga is best during periods? Yin Yoga.
  7. Which yoga poses to avoid when pregnant? Speak to an experienced pre-natal teacher to learn about this.
  8. Which yoga is best for weight-loss? Weight loss is best solved by having a healthy diet.
  9. Which yoga block to buy? A purple one.
  10. Which yoga is right for you? All yoga is right for you. Just choose a good Teacher.
  11. Which yoga builds muscle? Ashtanga Yoga builds muscle.
  12. Which yoga is devotion yoga? Bhakti Yoga.
  13. Which yoga is best for me quiz? You are better off trying a few different styles than taking a quiz.
  14. Which yoga thickness is best? We would suggest a thicker 5mm mat.
  15. Which yoga mat is the best? The grippy one that you own.
  16. Which yoga is best? All yoga taught at SunSalute Yoga in Swanbourne WA is the best.
  17. Which yoga should I do? Choose a yoga that you can do at least 3 times a week.
  18. Which yoga mat? A think, comfortable yoga mat is best. Grippy is best too.
  19. Which yoga is best for me? The best type of yoga is one that calms your mind and leaves you feeling peaceful.
  20. Who sells yoga pants? Activewear stores sell yoga pants.
  21. Who practices yoga? People all shapes and sizes.
  22. Who owns yoga al jazeeera? The person themselves.
  23. Who invented yoga pants? A clothing company.
  24. Who owns yoga documentary? Depends which documentary you are referring too.
  25. Who bought yoga to the west? This is a hotly debated subject.
  26. Who sings yoga? Yoga cannot be sung. It is a state of mind.
  27. Who does yoga? All kinds of people.
  28. Who plays yoga jones? No one plays this.
  29. Who owns yoga? Yoga is a state of mind that cannot be owned by anyone.
  30. Who invented yoga pants? Any pair of pants worn to yoga is a yoga pant.
  31. Who created yoga? God created yoga.
  32. Yoga who can do it? Anyone can do yoga.
  33. Yoga who started? Nobody knows who started yoga.
  34. Yoga who invented it? Yoga is not invented. It is a state of existence.
  35. Yoga who am I? You are Yoga.
  36. Who yoga benefits? Yoga benefits all people.
  37. Who’s yoga lululemon? Lululemon is not yoga.
  38. What yoga teaches us is how to be peaceful.
  39. What yoga mat do I need? You need a yoga mat that is grippy and comfortable.
  40. What yoga has done for me is made me strong, flexibly and content.
    52.What yoga has taught me is a lot of people don’t know what yoga is.
    What yoga may to buy? Manduka.
  1. What yoga poses help with digestion? Ones where your heel or elbow massages your stomach.
  2. What yoga is not? Yoga is not a girl photo in bikini.
  3. What yoga is teaches you depends on what you are ready for.
  4. What yoga is good for is many things, depends on what you want.
  5. You should buy a yoga mat that you can afford.
  6. What yoga poses mean depends on the name of the pose.
  7. What yoga means is a perfectly still mind without fluctuations.
  8. When yoga do? Early mornings are best for yoga. Otherwise any time you can.
  9. When yoga created? Yoga was created thousands and thousands of years ago.
  10. When yoga began? Yoga began the moment a person was enlightened.
  11. When yoga makes you cry you are releasing emotions. This is usually good for you.
  12. When to do yoga after birth? Only do yoga when you doctor tells you it is safe.
  13. When to do yoga after a C-section? It is best to do yoga after a C-section only once your doctor has told you it is ok.
  14. When yoga goes wrong? Yoga doesn’t go wrong. People do.
  15. When yoga makes you angry? You should think about your own conditioned response. The response is telling you something about yourself.
  16. When yoga should be done? Yoga should be done early morning, size days a week.
  17. When yoga 910? IS yoga 910?
  18. When yoga was invented? When yoga was invented the world became a better place.
  19. When yoga pants go wrong? You should buy a new pair.
  20. When yoga hurts you need to stop what you are doing as you are not doing yoga is it hurts.
  21. Why is yoga healthy? Because it moves your body and calms your mind.
  22. Why is yoga good for mental health? Because it calms your mind. It won’t cure mental illness though.
  23. Why yoga helps with stress? It teaches you to calm your mind.
  24. Why yoga socks? No yoga socks.
  25. Why is yoga amazing? Because it leads to a more peaceful life.
  26. Why yoga pants should be banned? Because some people wear see-through ones without underwear.
  27. Why is yoga bullshit? This is not true.
  28. Why yoga mat? Why not a yoga mat.
  29. Why yoga pants are great? Because they let you do yoga.
  30. Why yoga is good for athletes? AS it stretches their muscles and gives them greater movement.
  31. Why is yoga not Christian? Yoga is not Christian because there is not belief if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ you will go to help. Christianity is a religion. Yoga is not.
  32. Why is yoga demonic? Yoga is not demonic. Perhaps the person is.
  33. Why yoga teacher training? Yoga teacher training is so you can be a yoga teacher.
  34. Why yoga ct? Because.
  35. Why yoga pants? So you can freely move at yoga classes.
  36. Why is yoga important? Because it de-stresses your mind and frees the body from stiffness and makes your body strong.
  37. Why yoga works? Yoga only works when you follow all of the 8 limbs and practice every day.
  38. Why is yoga bad? Yoga is not bad.
  39. Why is yoga good for you? As it teaches you how to live more peacefully.
  40. Why is yoga good? Yoga is good because it feels great.
  41. How yoga heals? Yoga heals because it calms the mind and the asana can help physically with rehabilitation.
  42. How yoga wrecks your body? Yoga wrecks your body when you practice asana incorrectly and too often.
  43. How yoga works quotes? You should google this and see what quotes come up.
  44. How yoga helped me? Yoga has helped me as it has shown me a path to the Divine.
  45. How yoga makes you feel? How you feel at yoga depends on how your life is and how affected by this you are?
  46. How yoga started? Yoga started in a cave with a Master.
  47. How yoga works summary? In summary, yoga works by practicing the 8 limbs of yoga as payed out in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
  48. How yoga changes your life? The change you experience in your life depends on the level integrity and pure intention in practice.
  49. How yoga changed by body? Through the practice of yoga asana my body become long, lean and flexible.
  50. How yoga work PDF? We do not have a PDF we can send you.
  51. How yoga should be done? Yoga should be done in clean, still room free of distraction and sound.
  52. How yoga saved my life? Yoga will save your life only if you want it too.,
  53. How yoga changes your brain? The chemicals in the brain chill out and you feel relaxed. This makes for good, easy living.
  54. How yoga helps with anxiety? Yoga encourages you to stay in the moment and not be thinking about other things other than your breath.
  55. How yoga relieves stress? Yoga relieves stress by encouraging you to stay in the moment and worry about things and having thousands of thoughts that are not helpful.
  56. How yoga works books? There are many good books explaining how yoga works. The best thing to do is to practice yoga though.
  57. How yoga helps? Yoga can help you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The help you get depends on the help you are ready for.
  58. How yoga changed my life? Yoga didn’t change my life. I just realised myself.
  59. How yoga works? The best way to experience how yoga works is to try it for yourself, with a good teacher, 6 days a week for many, many years.
  60. Are yoga instructors certified? Some yoga Instructors are certified but not all. It is easy to be certified and hard to be a good yoga teacher.
  61. Are yoga toes bad for you? No they are not bad for you.
  62. Are yoga mats made of latex? Yoga mats can be made from many different materials. It depends what yoga mat you buy.
  63. Are yoga headstands good for you? Yoga headstands can be good for you under certain conditions.
  64. Are yoga pants a sin? It depends upon your religion.
  65. Are yoga mats made of eva foam? Yoga mats can be made from many different materials. It depends on what type you buy.
  66. Are yoga mats waterproof? Yoga mats can be waterproof.
  67. Are yoga pants still in style? Yoga pants will always be in style.
  68. Are yoga retreats worth it? Yoga retreats are worth what you want them to be worth.
  69. Are yoga toes food for bunions? No they are not good for bunions.
  70. Are yoga poses capitalized? Yoga poses are not capitalized.
  71. Are yoga mats toxic? Some yoga mats might be toxic is made with toxic materials.
  72. Are yoga pants pants? I guess this all depends on the definition of pants.
  73. Are yoga poses worship? Yoga poses are worship is this is what you use them for.
  74. Are yoga balls hard to sit on? I have never sat on a yoga ball so I do not know if they are hard to sit on.
  75. Are yoga pants warm? Yoga pants can be warm if they are made from warming material.
  76. Are yoga pants out of style? Yoga pants will never go out of style.
  77. Are yoga studio profitable? Yoga studios are not very profitable.
  78. Are yoga pants illegal? In some countries yoga pants may be illegal.
  79. Are yoga pants and leggings the same? Yoga pants can be loose or fitter, yoga leggings are typically fitted.