Your Online Special  - 5 Week Beginner Course only $99

Our Gateway to Yoga Courses are valued at $575
(5 Gateway Classes  + 20 FREE Classes valued at $23 each)

At SunSalute we are launching our comprehensive, expertly crafted Yoga Gateway program for those who are new to yoga or wanting to step back onto the mat. The Yoga Gateway courses lay excellent foundations for your yoga journey. We’ve spent years perfecting the best way to introduce people to yoga that gifts improved strength, flexibility and peace of mind in a welcoming environment. Each class builds upon the last. At the end of your 5 weeks you will be able to practice a yoga sequence smoothly and confidently, know a little about pranayama (breath) and how to relax your body and mind using techniques of meditation. The style, known as Vinyasa, is suitable for both men and women.  

Select from three different programs:
Gateway - for all bodies and minds
Stiff Fella's - for men, paying attention to their strength and sympathy for their hamstrings

Take advantage of our special Online Price of only $99.  This includes your 5 week Yoga Course AND an additional 4 classes per week so you can get the most out of your yoga experience.  In fact, this means you could come to yoga 5 times a week, over 5 weeks, and effectively pay only $3.96 per class.

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What You Will Learn in your 5 Week Course

Week 1: Pranayama (Breath) and synchronized movement. Introduction to Surynamaskara
Week 2: Surynamaskara, Standing and some seated Asana (postures).
Week 3: Further introduction of standing and seated Asana (postures).
Week 4: Introduction to the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Consolidation of Weeks 1 – 3. 
Week 5: Savasana (relaxation and meditation). Consolidation of Weeks 1 - 4.

Our Yoga Gateway program focuses on teaching a dynamic form of yoga, with scope to cater to an individual’s needs. This might sound a little foreign, so translated it means you will learn to move in synchronicity with breath, holding postures for a short amount of time (5 breaths) and then use a flowing movement to connect to the next pose.

During your 5 week program you will also be able to attend any other class on the Timetable, excluding 5.30am timeslot. This means you can attend an additional 4 classes per week for no extra cost. We'll explain this more to you at your first class.

Why Learn Yoga?

People come to yoga for many different reasons.

  • To reduce stress
  • To get more flexible
  • To gain strength through the stomach region, chest and arms
  • Curiosity
  • To connect better with themselves and take some time out from the fast pace


Your enrolled course is the class you need to get to each week over five weeks, then choose up to 4 more classes a week suitable for you over the 5 week period.

Monday - 7pm
Revive Vinyasa (rejuvenating)

Tuesday - 6pm
Gateway to Yoga

Wednesday - 9.30am
Dynamic Vinyasa

Friday - 9.30am

 At the end of your 5 week program you will be able to add the option of another 4 more classes of a more challenging nature to your schedule.

The Gifts of Yoga

Yoga can offer to you an array of benefits that will absolutely improve your quality of life.

These include:

  • Better physical strength
  • Better flexibility
  • More grace in your movements as an ability to move freely and confidently grows
  • An overall sense of well-being and better balance as you develop better mindfulness in your daily living
  • Growing Contentment and a feeling of being less stressed
  • A starting knowledge of pranayama, asana and pratyahara and meditation


Just $99 for your 5 Week Course plus 20 FREE classes to use over this time - total value $575.

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