Get from the Bed to The Shower and It’s a Home Run in the Early Morning

Let’s address over a few months, with a light-hearted approach, some of the ways you can overcome the mountains and molehills on your way to the yoga room!

We hear stories all the time from our students past and present about the obstacles they face in getting to yoga.

Perhaps some of these sound familiar to you:

I go to bed too late and just can’t get up

  • It’s winter now and too cold in the morning (but in summer it was too hot and you never quite got to yoga then either)
  • It is too hard. I’m not getting anywhere. My teacher doesn’t understand how hard it is for me.
  • I have so much on and we just never seem to get there.
  • I have an injury…..I feel frustrated

Sound familiar, yes, we know just about all of them and more.  Funnily enough, your teacher is very likely to  have had personal experience with all of them as well.

This blog takes a quick look at the first.

I go to bed too late and just can’t get up.

Apart from the obvious answer here, go to bed earlier, there are a few reasons this one crops up in people’s lives.  Often it revolves around organisation.  Time management hasn’t allowed them to get all the tasks done to enable them to get to bed by 10pm (this being the latest we recommend for a 5am wake-up).  Take a quick check of what you do at night, be really honest, are you just mucking around wasting time or doing things that really need doing.

Be disciplined with yourself for 2 weeks – go to bed always before 10pm no matter what excuse you have to stay up.  The first couple of mornings might be tricky to get up, but we promise you, by day 3 you will be starting make the change.

Breaking the pattern is the hard part. 

It goes like this: make the decision the night before you are going to yoga. Say to yourself, “I am going to yoga tomorrow.”  Now, write it on your forehead with your finger just to really make the point to yourself if you think you need extra reinforcing.

Next step. Go to bed on time, 10pm latest. Get up when the alarm goes off IMMEDIATELY before your mind kicks in with excuses not to get up. (Tip – place your really loud alarm clock outside your bedroom door so you have to get up to turn it off). Drag your butt to the shower.  Get out of the shower and throw on your clean yoga clothes (not the smelly t-shirt from yesterday). Cruise out the door with a smile on your face.  Once you’ve made the shower you’ve hit the home run.  Nothings going to stop you now. Jump in the car and drive the yoga.  If you’re still “too tired” after 15 minutes of practice (which is very unlikely unless you have been getting up during the night to a newborn baby or twins or something), lie down for relaxation, ask the teacher to wake you up at 7am and go to sleep.  Perfect!

Chances are, before you know it you will LOVE your new bedtime and early rising routine. You can still go out for dinner, movies, coffee, play evening sport during the week. Avoid it Monday to Thursday if you can and if you can’t, just make sure you say goodnight and head home by 9.30pm.

These are just a few short and sweet ideas on how you can learn to never say again “I go to bed too late and just can’t get up for yoga.”

May the force be with you!


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