How to Judge Asana?

It is an important thing to remember that yoga is actually NOT judged by how well you can practice asana.  Many people have fantastic looking asana ith little yoga going on.  Some of the best students are not just the ones trying to tye themselves in knots, but in fact, most of them practice only a portion of the Kripa series.  They also demonstrate on a regular basis the action of Yama and Niyama.  The demonstration of Yama and Niyama is most crucial towards becoming more yogi.  These are moral and ethical codes of behaviour that lead to a high respect to others and oneself. These are the first two limbs of yoga.

I believe the sign of a true yogi is the one working towards Yama and Niyama.  Asana is only one of the 8 limbs that make up the Yogi path.  As important as the discipline of an asana practice . We must not forget to practice the other non physical aspects of yoga as often as we can.

By actively demonstrating respect to others and to yourself you are in turn respecting the Divine that binds us all.

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