The Internal Silent Wonderland

For some it takes a while, for others it is a very natural and easy destination to visit…the internal, silent wonderland that exists within us all.
Whilst many start yoga for the strength, flexibility, the ability to wear a bikini all year round, eventually life starts to become more peaceful and the students realises there is a little bit more to this yoga stuff than meets the eye.

This process of discovery is unique to everyone, however most long-term yogis will describe touching on something intangible, something silent that takes place during an independent practice that makes them wiser, clearer, calmer and more content as the time passes.  How long this takes an individual depends on many factors; ability to concentrate, exercise versus mantra, the style of yoga, the experience of the teacher and so on.

The best time of day to truly experience the true essence of what yoga has to offer is in the early morning with a Mysore style of asana practice or meditation. We encourage anyone who wants to make this destination a daily one to head to the early morning classes during the summer.

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