So Many Gifts – Gratitude

So Many Gifts by Hafiz

“Please forgive Hafiz and the Friend

if we break into sweet laughter 

when your heart complains of being thirsty

when ages ago

every cell in your soul 

capsized forever

into this infinite golden sea.”

Life for many of us, is packed with jobs, lists, commitments and never ending path of have-to and finish-off jobs.  It creates a whirlwind, a feeling of not being able to keep up, of it never ending, of it all being too much.

With this, comes losing sight of miracles.  Losing sight of the miracle you are yourself, the miracle we have even been given minds and bodies, souls to experience life with from the Divine.  We might even lose fact that we actually choose how we exist.

If you are a busy person, it can be VERY difficult to be comfortable with a mindset of “not busy”, a tone of restfulness and contentment permeating through all facets of your life.  This is where yoga can step in.

Let your practice be an appreciation of you, your body, your mind, your divine spirit and soul.  Celebrate that you have the awareness of self to take yourself to yoga.   Every class, be grateful for at least one gift you have been given today.  Be grateful for at least one gift that is constant in your life, the love of a significant other or your children or perhaps the ability simple to breathe and walk on your own.

Gratitude and kindness. Such underrated, undervalued traits and yet to my mind, the most important traits of a “yogic”person you can find.  It is when these traits, that occur without thought and not through duty or obligation but as a natural way of an individual, that we start to see the development of higher levels of spirituality.  It is a “sign” that this human being is on the spiritual path, living in a yogic, peaceful way.  Acknowledge and take inspiration from them. You need more of this. The world needs all of us to be more like this.

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