4th to 10th November

Santina is coming!

Are you ready for “Purposeful and Deliberate Practice”?

Are you flapping around on autopilot ?

We can’t engage in “naive practice” and expect to get awaken to subtle colourings of our consciousness.

Simply doing something over and over again will NOT make kindle the fire of transformation.

Some people believe that simply having more experience in asana practice makes you better … It doesn’t’!

We need to concentrate and focus during every movement from the inner body to the outer body. We need to reconfigure the framework of our minds, integrating this awareness and bringing it to its fullness with every breath.

Most importantly we need to explore the undercurrents of our practice by being attentive to the psychic shifts during our practice.

Join Santina for 5 days of Deliberate, Deep and Purposeful Mysore practice by:

  1. Nudging the boundaries and moving beyond the comfort zone with precision and clarity
  2. Creating conscious intentions for our practice, from a position of honesty and purpose
  3. Discovering methods to monitor our progress

1. Mysore Week of 7 days.  Price $345.
plus Workshop on Jumpt Thru/Back and other Tricky Transitions$380 Sunday 5th Nov 7 – 9am

Monday 6th Nov to Friday 10th Nov  5.30am onwards

The first day of the Mysore week will be a guided class held on Sunday morning.  This class can be attended as a stand alone or ideally as the first class of your full 6 day Mysore practice with Santina.

2. Workshop $65  Jump Thru/Jump Back and other tricky transitions
e.g Budjhapindasana, supta kumasana, Bakasana

Saturday 1 – 3pm

3.  Lead Class $65
Sunday 5th Nov  7am to 9am

A detailed look at the standing sequence.  Santina will give step by step instruction through the Standing Sequence revealing the secrets of a strong practice whilst retaining the integrity of alignment and breath.  This workshop an essential to the Mysore Week for setting  personal intentions.

 Take a look at Santina’s recent project, a short documentary entitled  The Mystery of Mysore
For bookings please email the office