Mysore Yoga in Swanbourne – all are welcome

Sitting in Meditation in a Mysore class at SunSalute Yoga

A Mysore style of practice derives from the Ashtanga Yoga lineage. It is a style of learning yoga where the class is not ‘led’ so to speak by a teacher standing at the front of the class telling you what to do.  Mysore style is when the student practices independently from memory with the Teacher adding guidance as needed.  This means a Teacher can work individually with many students over the course of a yoga class providing specialised instruction according the student’s need.

In a traditional Mysore style class the students will all be practicing the same sequence (one of the Ashtanga yoga series) to their level of ability. The Teacher assesses the students practise and gives new postures as they feel the student is ready.

A Mysore style of practice is recommended 5-6 days a week. Teachers and students of this style of practice cannot recommend it highly enough.  As the student is practising from memory they are able to focus their attention inwards, listening and being guided to their breath, noticing the movements of their mind, moving steadily with the vinyasa count of the practice as a form of meditation.  The rewards of a Mysore style of practice are great and include a lighter and stronger body, a clear mind and a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship in the world.

At SunSalute Yoga the principal Teacher and Owner Marc Potter has been teaching Mysore style yoga for 20 years.  He has personally seen the transformation of students physically, mentally and spiritually from a Mysore style of practice.  In 2012 however he made a radical change from tradition. The Ashtange Yoga sequence is a beautiful thing however it just wasn’t working for all students, particularly over the long-term.

A strong believer in the Mysore style of practise he introduced another sequence he created called the Kripa sequence.  Whilst Ashtanga yoga must be taught in a traditional way (pose by pose) the Kripa sequence is taught within the boundaries of the students capabilities and also has great focus on making the yoga accessible.  By no means promoting the path of least resistance, he has found by ensuring repetition of the sequence (the same thing each day and adding on when appropriate), working from memory, offering a more personalised approach to the teaching of asana and adhering to a safe mode of teaching now all students can enjoy the magic and transformation of a Mysore style of practice beyond ashtanga sequencing previously only seen in a traditional Ashtanga yoga school.

Mysore Style Yoga is now available at SunSalute Yoga in the early morning to all students as long as they practice the same sequence from memory most days of the week.  For example, they may choose to do a Yin practise when they are menstruating, excessively tired or just sit in meditation.  SunSalute Yoga can be found on the Claremont Swanbourne border in WA and is located behind the Dancing Goat Café.  The studio space is idyllic and looks out onto a beautiful waterfall and garden.


students doing yoga in a mysore style class

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