Mysore Style
Undoubtedly, the most personal approach to your yoga journey possible.

Mysore is a completely personal approach to your yoga journey. Move through your morning relaxation and asana sequence with the autonomy needed to focus on your personal needs. Combine meditation and movement to seek your body’s fulfillment. The guidance of a senior teacher is available at all times to assist and develop your personal practice. Seek your body’s optimal experience of yoga in the Mysore class.

Traditionally, Mysore classes have only been available to Ashtanga students. Here at SunSalute we know one size doesn’t fit all. As long as you can practice a sequence by memory we will work with you to achieve your physical and spiritual goals using asana, pranayama and meditation.

A huge range of students attend the morning Mysore program. Some have been practicing yoga for 4 weeks and others have been practicing for over 20 years. But no matter what level of experience our students have, our teachers are there to help them grow. Our youngest students have usually just finished high school and our mature students age up to around 66 years. With our open minded approach to yoga and Mysore, we really are in the best position to meet your yoga needs.

"Just to say I miss my teachers and my daily practice with you all so much!! I carry all of your lessons with me! I have tried all sorts of classes and I have been horrified by most!! For now I have opted for self practice at home until I return to SunSalute."  Arabella, student returned to the UK

I am very proud of our Mysore program and feel we have something very unique to offer students. I don’t know of any other Mysore style classes in the world that have sequences other than the Ashtanga Vinyasa sequences being practiced in them. This approach has helped me become more open minded. I love being a student in these classes and I would definitely travel to find the experience.”

Marc ‘Potts’ Potter


Monday to Thursday: Students may start anytime that suits. The teacher is on the floor from 5.30am to 7.15am.
Friday: A lead class commences at 5.30am. Students are asked to observe silence and promptness.


The Shala at 142A Railway St, Swanbourne

For Whom:

  • Students who have memory of the sequence to their level of practice.
  • Students seeking traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga of first or second series.
  • Kripa for those seeking a more personalized teaching approach for accelerated strength and development.

Class Price:

$240 for 4 weeks. Or pay less via direct debit only $107.50 per fortnight.
The Above Payments Provide Unlimited Access To All Classes On The Timetable.  

A 5-6 day  practice has been long recommended so that the yogi builds up enough residue from the practice to be held in the state of yoga for the one or two days of non-practice. Adjustments and asana instruction are given to you with care, concern and the intention to show possibilities.

Each class is valued at $22. Mysore payments give you unlimited access to all classes on the timetable.  This is amazing value and means if you sleep in one day you can always go to a class at night for no extra cost . Extraordinary value!

Important Note: Physical adjustments are an accepted part of practice by students at SunSalute. You must notify the teacher if you do not wish to receive them. If you have any sort of injury, it must be reported to the teacher prior to class. Please note, we recognise that 5-6 day practice may not be possible for you due to the demands of your everyday life. No Classes on Public Holidays.