Notice for Early Morning Students – A Few Changes


Firstly, thankyou to everyone who has given such generous and open feedback about how we can improve your yoga experience with us. We have been blown away by some of the fantastic suggestions and time you have taken to help us out.


 You will see already we have taken action based on your suggestions; a few plants, a waiting area, new floor, new timetable and are planning a workshop timetable for 2012 which should have something for everyone.

One of the requests that has come through is an opportunity for meditation uninterrupted, each day of the week.  We are keen to support this request as meditation and pranayama are essential to every yogi wanting to go a little deeper on their spiritual journey.  For this reason we ask that you respect the following:



  • Early Asana Practitioners Welcome. Asana start must be before 5am or after 5.19am. This is to give uninterrupted silence to our early morning meditators.
  • No entry to room between 5am and 5.20am
  • Adjustments commence onwards of 5.30am
  • It is desirable all practitioners commence prior to 6am but not essential
  • Chant will be at 5.40am. Practitioners starting later than this welcome to chant prior to commencement of practice.
  • Early Morning Meditation 4.45am to 5.15am. All Welcome. Door Locked.
  • 5.15 to 5.30am Door Open.
  • 5.30am Door Closed. Class starts prompt at 5.30am. browser shots It has been too disruptive to the class having people come in after 5.30am.
Just a gentle reminder that if you leave your mat in the studio it needs to be in a mat bag or tied with a scarf or something similar. This makes it far easier for us when needing to move, clean or change things around.  Plus, we like tidy in our shala.

This Friday coffee is on Potts after class at Citrine. We hope you can join us…


Love Potts and Dps Sara has an excellent children’s program planned so if any of you have young, gorgeous ones, please bring them along next Weds 19th Oct for some fun yoga for kids.

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