PreNatal Yoga

Pregnancy is an ideal time to start a prenatal yoga practice.   It is especially great if you can come across a yoga teacher who teaches prenatal yoga, has had children and has continued with yoga post baby.  Prenatal yoga is so much more than laying around on the ground feeling whale like.  It offers an opportunity to really start to acknowledge the journey you are on to becoming a mother.  It is such a milestone in every woman’s life and with western consumer pressure sadly missed by many and only seen as a chance to go shopping.

The second great thing about a prenatal/pregnancy class is that the teachers tend to attract students that are like-minded.  This means that every week you can come together with a group of girls who are having similar feelings and views to pregnancy and impending motherhood as you.  It really is a very supportive environment and often friendships that are started in the yoga class extend beyond the birth of your baby.  It is always lovely to see how groups of girls end up connecting just through the word-of-mouth that goes around.  Old friends meet up, new friendship are created at the prenatal class.

Physical activity is so good for you as we all know.  And guess what, it continues to be good  during pregnancy as well.  It can help relieve stress and discomfort in the body allowing you to enjoy your new form and shape more fully.

No matter what form of exercise you choose as a mama-to-be, it’s important that you can trust it is safe for your stage of pregnancy and for your unique concerns. Our prenatal yoga classes are specifically designed to prevent and relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, and to introduce the relaxation response—to reduce stress on your body and on your baby, and to promote feelings of well-being. Yoga classes should not necessarily be a workout.  That’s why we have a PreNatal Relax and PreNatal Flow.  One is for tapping into the feminine and unlocking any energetic blockages in the body with a yin approach to yoga class.  The PreNatal Flow focuses on building strength in the body and mind to prepare you for labour and a better birth experience.

At SunSalute we want you to release tension in the body, reduce stress, create balance and develop a greater awareness of how your mind works so you can more easily transition through sleep deprivation and the early days of parenting.  That is what we endeavor to offer in our prenatal classes.



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