Santina 2016

Mysore  Sunday 30th October to Friday 4th November 2016.

welding image

It’s definitely time to crank up the 5-6 days practice if you’ve been inclined for a sleep-in over the coldest Perth winter we’ve experience in 20 years!


Santina arrives in Perth, fresh from her overseas study and teaching tour the end of October.  One small (but huge impact) part of this was a month long study with Richard Freeman as well as climbing mountains in South America.


If you have been following her on Instagram @santinagiardinachard you will have noticed its been a massive trip.


I’m nervous.  She writes to you today “Prepare.  I am ready to work the cohort with new understandings and awareness”.

Now we all know when Santina means work.  She’s not mucking around!  WORK!   We love it.

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