Teacher Profile – Haylee

Haylee is our resident Early Morning Beginners Teacher. She is the best.  Let's learn a little about her.

Q:Your favourite food?
A: have an addiction to green smoothies for breakfast they give me loads of energy after my practice to continue my day.

Q: What attracted you to yoga?
A: I became very curious about yoga when I went to my first class and found it very challenging mentally 
and physically.I have always played alot of sport and been very athletic so it was the first time 
I actually felt why can’t I do this???

Q: What keeps you going back to the mat, day after day, year after year.
A: My personal practice has bought alot of clarity and awareness into my life. I am more present in 
life in general,which has made my relationship with myself and others alot healthier and happier. 
Yoga is my safe place when I feel a little like I’m in a sea of chaos my mat makes me feel calm.
Q: What challenges have presented themselves on the yoga journey?
A:The most challenging situation for me through my yoga journey was really having to 
look at my own behaviour and reactions to situations and people. I found teaching confronting too in the early days.
Q:How would you describe a yogi?
A:A yogi is someone who wakes up each day feeling grateful and 
content and practices all eight limbs of yoga.
Asana has always been the easiest for me the other 
seven limbs I am working on constantly in everyday life.

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