What’s happening in February – the excuses have run out – get back to yoga!

There is now no excuse for feeling like you don’t have the information you need to progress your yoga, or the information you need to perfect your favourite pose.

Potts is giving 3 workshops that are going to cover the “grit” of it all. Spend time with him in these sessions and see him at his best as he gives the detail and strategies – your mind will be full of ideas for you to work on in your yoga practice for the next few months for sure.  A Private Session with Potts is $150 if he has time to give them – this will be a private on steroids so don’t miss out.

These style of these sessions are always the favourite on his retreats and you get to see the depth of knowledge that comes with years and years of yoga practice. Check out his blog on his approach to teaching http://www.sunsalute.com.au/2012/01/a-little-about-my-approach-to-teaching-by-potts-jan-2012/

Please Note:  These workshops are PERFECT for you.  You are ready. You can do it.  Your yoga will LOVE you for it and so will you.  There is no such thing as you need to be “advanced” to come along.  Really – who is advanced anyway??

ASANA WORKSHOPS Saturday 12.30 to 3.30pm $60 each.

25 Feb  Backbends and Inversions

Get ‘inside’ the backbend and understand just what and where your body needs to be. How do backbends benefit the body and what exactly can you do to improve yours.  Leave with strategies to improve and handouts on the anatomy of them.  Inversions, they look easy but super challenging to perfect for most.  Have some fun with these during this 3 hour myth-busting workshop.

31 March  Polish Your Primary Series

Want the detail on a particular pose, can’t quite remember correct vinyasa count, stumbling on is this a hip-opener or a knee pose?  How can you prepare for the next posture?  Is there something else I can do to work on to improve my lotus?  This workshop is perfect for those who practice a component of the primary series or those who have a full primary but want to take it to the next level.

28 April Strength Building

Potts is famous for his vinyasa.  Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5by0JXg9yt4&context=C3c89214ADOEgsToPDskJB18wNwFA-70NhYzJEabzb

Building strength and unlocking your strength potential is often a mental challenge as much as a physical.  What do you need to do to unlock and develop you strength?  Handouts will be given as well as a useful explanation of the inner workings of the body. Along with a vinyasa explanation tailored to the attending group, core and arm balances will be covered.  Leave this class feeling strong in body and mind. steam cloud . Grace and lightness can be yours.

What else is on the program in February 2012?

Graeme Northfield is here Feb 18 and 19. Awesome guy to spend the weekend with.  Bookings close Feb 10th and minimum numbers required so don’t be shy – hand in your form today!

Meditation 4 week short course starts Feb 6th  covering pranayama, meditation technique, reflections and discussion. Drop In Session $30 each. 4 week short course $120.

Pregnancy Yoga starts this Saturday at $20 per class.  11am to 12 noon, bookings are essential for this one.

What is Yoga starts 12th March covering a basic intro to yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Drop in Session $30 each. Learn more about why life got better when you started coming to yoga.

Taking it Further starts 23rd April covering an introduction to adjusting. What exactly are they for and what is the teacher doing.  Get some insight into the classroom from the other side.  Awesome course for all regular yoga practitioners or if you have given teaching a vague thought.

Bookings and more info here http://www.sunsalute.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/114934-SUNSAL.pdf

Don’t be Shy – We’d love to hear from You.

See you soon

Om Shantih


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